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Cris Worley Fine Artsis proud to present Memory Bytes, a solo exhibition of recent work by Dallas-based artist, Rusty Scruby. This is Scruby’s first solo show with Cris Worley Fine Arts and his third solo show under Worley’s direction.

Known for his uncanny ability to apply mathematical and musical concepts to his work, Scruby continues to baffle his audience with a new body of photographic imagery, this time constructed with hexagons and circles. The process is uniquely his as he hand cuts and re-assembles the images in his own simulated style of knitting. 

In Memory Bytes, Scruby returns to a familiar AND familial theme – nostalgic photos of his family and childhood. Using this seemingly mundane subject matter, Rusty explores the commonality of the human experience through images of family vacations, yearbook photos or children at play. Further, he asks the viewer to consider the loss and recovery of visual information and at what point is an image recognizable without being a literal representation. 

Since Rusty Scruby’s last solo exhibition in Dallas in January of 2009 he has had tremendous growth in his artistic career including solo exhibitions in Miami, Houston and Los Angeles, at the Galveston Art Center and the Art Museum of Southeast Texas. He has also recently reached the Asian market with an exhibit in Seoul, Korea. Over the last three years Scruby’s work has been presented at art fairs in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco and Seoul. His work is in major public collections, among them - the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Microsoft Corporation, the Art Museum of Southeast Texas and The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

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